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Instituto Urología Málaga

Surgery of the Prostate

In this section we show you not only the conventional surgeries, when you have to act surgically on the prostate, in case of hypertrophy or benign prostatic hyperplasia, but also, the latest advances, that among all the innovations that come continuously to the disposition of the urologist, In our hands they are more resolute and efficient, in terms of cost and efficiency.

In the case of Prostate Cancer, if the option chosen is surgery, we perform the Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy.

Adenomectomy: This technique, is used when the prostate is exceptionally large. It is open surgery, requires abdominal incision and as seen in the photo, the prostate is extracted in one piece.

The prostate of the image had a weight / volume of 400 grs / cc

TURIS: In our sense of integrating the best urological assistance possible, UAiMS has incorporated into its treatment methods the SurgMaster UES-40 multidisciplinary station of Olympus.

Urolift: This multidisciplinary station allows us to initiate a structured and pioneering "plasmokinetic" prostate resection in Andalusia. By this technique, the bleeding inherent to prostate surgery, probing time and consequently the time of entry and incorporation into normal life are minimized and in most cases avoided.
This station also allows us to improve our operability in laparoscopic procedures.