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Genital Prolapses

The genital prolapses are the descents of the genital and reproductive organs in the woman, it is considered that it is due to a weakness of the mechanisms of subjection of these organs, which equates them broadly with the hernias. This weakness basically depends on: Age, number of previous pregnancies and family predisposition. The repair of these alterations can be done through vaginal or abdominal surgery

  • Vaginal surgery: Almost all prolapses of the genitals and reproductive organs can be performed through the vagina and English without removing any of the organs; they are minimally invasive techniques with very small incisions (scars) that are not visualized.
  • Meshes for genital prolapse: Tissues are usually used, they are biocompatible tissues designed for the treatment of the genital prolapses and that replace these means of support of the pelvic organs that are debilitated or damaged, placing in its natural situation all the organs of The female pelvis.

Abdominal surgery: in the case of prolapses in patients in whom the uterus (the womb) has been removed, sometimes the structures must be fixed and released through the abdomen, a process that can be performed by means of The laparoscopy, it is about lapromontofixation