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Circumcision is the surgical procedure by which part or all of the foreskin (skin that covers the glans) is removed from adults and children. Circumcision is usually performed in children who, after 3 years of age, are unable to retract the foreskin completely or sufficiently, and in the case of adults, in cases in which foreskin retraction is altered by causes Secondary mechanics preventing the retraction of the foreskin on the glans in any of the grades that we will discuss later.

Circumcision in adults is a rare entity that can significantly affect the quality of life of men who have it. The fundamental causes by which an adult man who has never suffered from phimosis can present acquired phimosis is sometimes difficult to find. Microtrauma in the retraction of the foreskin and infections in the skin of the glans and foreskin can cause changes in the composition of the skin of the foreskin destroying the elastic cells that form and appearing areas of fibrosis. These zones tend to form fibrotic rings that surround certain parts of the foreskin causing an acquired narrowness that hinders the retraction of the same.

The mechanism of involvement of phimosis in adults causes the presence of associated pathologies such as paraphimosis, recurrent infections and an elevation in the presence of penile cancer by accumulation of substances inside the foreskin while making relationships difficult Sexual problems due to the difficulty in discovering the glans.