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Instituto Urología Málaga

Andrology and Men's Health

The Man and the years ...

If I had known that I would live so much ... I would have begun to take care of myself before "

This sentence sums up the philosophy that, from the Institute of Urology Málaga, we understand must begin to adopt the male in terms of his health.

Life expectancy is higher for women than for men, despite the fact that women have more diseases throughout their lives.

However, greater use of health services, the adoption of preventive attitudes, more risk-taking and, above all, "taking care of oneself more", in the broadest sense of the term, can be one of the determinants of their greater expectation of lifetime.

That the male can understand masculinity as strength, absence of disease and therefore the negation of the search and adoption of measures aimed at protecting health, is to our understanding a gross error.

Diagnosis and treatment of Sexual Dysfunctions

- Erectile dysfunction

- Premature Ejaculation

Metabolic Syndrome in Urology

It is a series of signs and analytical alterations, which predict a greater probability of suffering from diabetes and / or suffer cardiovascular accidents and stroke.

Its appearance, has a lot to do with sedentary life and lack of exercise, resulting in central obesity ( "beer belly")

Its detection, as early as possible and the correction of detected alterations, will decrease that probability.

We will be doing PREVENTION.

Penile Prosthesis Implant

It is the definitive therapeutic option, which is used when all other treatment alternatives fail.

It is, however, the option that more satisfaction and greater frequency of use provides, to patients suffering from Erectile Dysfunction.

There are 3 types: Malleable and Hydraulic, these can be 2 or 3 components.

Circumcision Surgery and Penile Deformities

Testosterone Deficit Syndrome